How to Comment on the USDA’s IFR

Most of us at this point are aware and familiar with the Interim Final Rule that was published by the USDA at the end of October. The USDA has asked for our comments, and we need to let them know (in a constructive way) the concerns we have regarding the overly burdensome regulations that will negatively impact the hemp industry in Virginia and throughout the nation. There are currently 811 public comments (as of 11/26/19). The more comments we submit, the louder our voice. Directions below are for submitting a comment and even a pre-written letter that you can copy and paste into the USDA’s window for comments. This is your opportunity to be heard! 

How to comment?

1. Read and understand what the IFR says. You can find the IFR here.  

2. Hit the green button at the top of the page that says “Submit a Comment” Or go to this website from the USDA linked here

3. Write a comment. DON’T attack or use curse words. DO give a short description of your experience this year, how this rule may impact you financially, any data that you have to support your comment, etc. This website has some tips for submitting an effective comment.

4. Not sure how to put pen to paper? You can also use the downloadable pre-written comments found at the bottom of this page. These comments are only suggestions that you can copy and paste into the USDA’s window for submitting comments. Feel free to use the paragraphs that you agree with, delete the ones that you don’t agree with, and add your own comments. It is important that what you are submitting is in line with your beliefs. The portion in red is for you to fill in something about yourself.

5. Fill in whatever of the personal information you want – you can also leave it blank. Hit the green ‘Submit Comment’ button at the bottom. 

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